April 5, 2016 admin

MOT at Brent Cross Shopping Centre

Why not book your car in for an MOT and then enjoy a day out with friends? Our convenient location at Brent Cross means that you can have your vehicle repaired at your convenience. Rather than spending the day without your car and having to get a bus or taxi to work why not drop it off with Speed Motors and have your MOT done whilst you shop? Brent Cross Shopping Centre has over 120 shops, restaurants as well as a host of special events so there are plenty of activities to choose from.

Who Needs an MOT?

An MOT is required for any vehicle which is more than three years old. Although having an annual MOT may seem annoying at times, especially if it means that your car is out of action for a couple of days, the aim behind the MOT is to ensure that your car is road worthy.

Since having a valid MOT is a legal requirement it is against the law to use your car on the road once your MOT has expired even if you still have a road tax and insurance certificate.

Renewing an MOT Certificate

An MOT certificate can be revalidated up to one month before the current MOT certificate expires so we recommend booking in for testing in plenty of time to allow for any remedial repairs which may be required in order to make your car roadworthy again. If your car has an MOT done earlier than one month before the expiry date, the new MOT certificate will simply be issued from the date of the MOT.

What is Involved in an MOT Test?

During an MOT test the car will be checked to ensure that it is safe to drive. This includes checking a variety of key components including: the vehicle chassis, the fuel system, the exhaust system and emissions, the seats and seatbelts, the doors, mirrors, the brakes, tyres, lights, registration plates, the horn, windscreen and wipers, steering and suspension, load security and the vehicle identification number (VIN). The test itself will only usually take about an hour but it can only be done at an approved testing centre.

Failing an MOT Test

If your car fails its MOT Test you can still drive your vehicle provided that it is not considered to be dangerous to drive and the previous MOT certificate is still valid. However, it is recommended that any defaults are repaired as soon as possible and ideally before you drive your vehicle away. If the repairs required are minor, most garages will undertake the repairs on the same day as the MOT test. A retest will be required but this is usually free for minor repairs.

MOT Certificate

If your vehicle successfully passes the test an MOT certificate will be issued. If your old certificate has less than one month left before it expires the new certificate will be issued to continue from the expiry date. This means that by getting your car’s MOT done early you will have peace of mind and won’t lose out in terms of the certificate validity.